Week in review, February 28-March 5

This will be a short one, since we're waiting for the arrival of baby #3 any day now! The endless tension of waiting has a way of exhausting the mind.

We had a relatively quiet week - no performances, just the normal routine of teaching, accompanying, and practicing. I was focusing on Liszt's Dante sonata during my practice time, in addition to revisiting my fall recital program, which I'll be playing again three times in April. There is so much that could be said about Dante sonata...for now I'll just express my unbounded wonder at Liszt's harmonic ingenuity. There are some truly amazing progressions in the piece, and the final few minutes feature some of the most incredibly creative, sonorous piano writing I've ever encountered. An amazing piece...perhaps it will show up on a program in the next year or two.

I also got to enjoy Wayland's opera scenes program, featuring Bizet's hilarious "omelet" scene from Docteur Miracle, a brilliant comedic take on learning German by Douglas Brown, and one of the best short operatic works I've encountered, Gary Belshaw's "The Worst One Ever." The latter work features three coeds complaining about their teacher, boyfriend, and dad, with delightfully tuneful music and a clever libretto.

That's all for now...I think a few of Brahms' Handel variations are in my future for this week.