Happy new year!

Well, it's back to another year of teaching, performing, managing curricula, and all the other things that come with an academic position.  Plus a little practicing when I can manage it!  Every year it seems that I make a mental note to blog more often, so I'm going to try to keep up a good rhythm of more frequent, but less lengthy posts.

One thing I'll be discussing is lesson techniques - I'm trying a few new things this year in my private teaching, both in terms of structure and technology.  More on that soon.

Also, I'll be highlighting a few "how great is this piece!!" moments; it seems that hardly a week goes by that I'm not struck by the genius of a composer.

Finally, I'll be updating my calendar, so y'all out there in the Interwebs can see where I'll be playing, whether it's as soloist, accompanist or orchestral pianist.

For now, here's a link to someone who I was fortunate enough to perform with last night as a member of the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra...

Renee Fleming!

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