On singular focus

It's the time of the semester where everything starts to run together - recitals, rehearsals, off-campus events, deadlines...how in the world do we keep up with it all?  I certainly have my doubts and moments of self-pity!

Still, I've found that it helps to make yourself remember this: you can only do one thing at a time well.  A dedicated, singular focus on a single task or event enables you to be less distracted and actually accomplish more.  For example, if you have six seemingly impossible things to get done before breakfast (pace Lewis Carroll), figure out about how much time it will take you to do each item in succession, then dive in to ONE THING at a time.  Forget about the rest, focus entirely on [practicing, preparing a class, writing the report] and before you know it you'll be finished and ready to move on to the next point on the agenda.

This also works for going to sleep at night and taking naps...if that is something you need to do at that point in time, DO IT!  Allow yourself to relax and let the brain recharge.  Of course this is easier said than done, but R&R is just as important to your productivity (and sanity!) as are your daily on-the-job activities.